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I'm Janelle

Well hello There

photographer & adventurer

I'm a pasta & grilled cheese lover, & a bride to be. I am getting married in Iceland this June to my sweetheart, Brian.  We are big on the outdoors & mountains so we thought, why not Iceland. We will be having a reception back home too for the ones who can't make it. It's how I wanted my day to be & I want your dreams to come true too. 

So here is the thing. I care about what your wedding day FEELS like.

I'm most passionate about photographing moments of feeling. The small in-between moments that make you two, you. I believe the small moments are just as important as the big moments. I believe you have a legacy that you’ve left on those who have came before you & those who will come after. Let’s capture the moments of your love for your granddaughter to look back on & see where it all began. Let’s capture the “tickling, giggling, picket fences, & ketchup fights” – Michael Scott. 

Let’s capture it all. Close the Pinterest board or wedding magazines & sit back & think about what YOU want your day to feel like. Who do you want to be there? What details do you care most about? Where have you always wanted to travel to? That's what I care about. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your hometown, the first place you meet, or somewhere you’ve never been before. It's your wedding day & it should FEEL like you. Let’s do it differently.

 Let’s dream together.

I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart.



Olive Garden Breadsticks

Ok I get it, Olive Garden isn't real Italian food. BUT I LOVE IT. I love the breadsticks & the pasta & the wine. I will never stop loving it. I once ate 6 breadsticks in one sitting....

I used to be ashamed of my love 


Healthy Living

(This comes right after olive garden, I know haha) I love spending my time outside & being active by hiking or biking. I just started up at Orange Theory && I am hooked.

Fresh salads, goat cheese, fruit


Mountside Views

Maybe it's because it sometimes takes all day to hike to the view, but I feel so full inside when I'm surrounded by the mountains. It's Brian & my goal to visit every national park in the US!

NOTHING BEATS A Mountainside View 


Flowy Dresses

When I was in Kindergarten I wouldn't wear anything but a dress, I still feel the same way now. I think they are more comfy that sweatpants! I will only bring out pants if they are leggings or if I have no choice in the winter!

BeCause for me, They will always beat jeans



I believe in capturing the real joyful moments of people’s lives. I believe in the unposed pose and keeping things light. Memories are always fading & it’s my goal to say, not this one, this one is going to last for generations to come. I believe in creating photos for your granddaughter to look at and not just see the love you had on your wedding day but to also feel it. The love that was passed down to her, the love she has looked up to, and the love she always longed for herself. My grandmother was my hero & she won't get to be there on my wedding day, so I understand the importance of photos. Oh, how I wish she'd be there for my big day. Whenever I need to remember her, I look at her photo & it makes me happy to see her smiling face. It's the keepsake we all turn to, photos are more than images, they are memories.