Six Stellar Reasons Why You Should Consider Having a First Look on Your Wedding Day


Apr 25, 2019

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Ah, the first look! It’s a relatively new tradition, but whether or not you decide to embrace it is an intensely personal decision. I think that a first look adds to the magic of the experience and can make your day even more special since you’ll be able to carve out a little alone time.


But you’ll be making a lifetime commitment to each other, so why not start your day and your married life on your terms? Here are a few things to consider before you decide whether to see your betrothed for a first look or wait until you walk down the aisle.




Have an Intimate Moment Together


Imagine looking into your beloved’s eyes before the wedding, remembering all of the reasons why you love each other so much, and taking a moment to reflect on your relationship before the craziness of the day gets into full swing. Sure, it’s romantic to stay hidden from one another until you walk down the aisle, but a first look gives you the chance to connect and have a private celebration.


Get More Authentic Couples Portraits


After you’ve gazed deeply into each other’s eyes, joked about Aunt Becky, and gotten over some of your pre-wedding jitters because you’ve remembered why you’re doing this, you’ll be ready to take some killer couples’ portraits. It’s a million times easier for most of us to let go and be ourselves without the prying eyes of others, and if you wait until after the ceremony, you’ll be the center of attention.


If you’ve hired a photographer you feel comfortable with, your couples’ session will be relaxed and fun. Plus, if you feel like yourselves,  your photographer will be able to capture all the beautiful intimacy that characterizes your relationship.


Calm Your Nerves


Having a first look gives you some time to soothe your nerves, which will make for a more calm, joyful day. And isn’t that the whole point, my sweet friend?  


Look Your Best


You know your wedding day will be emotional, and there’s a good chance you’ll cry during the ceremony. I know I will when I get married this summer! Even though your makeup artist will probably be there to do touch-ups, you’ll look your best if you take photos while your makeup is perfect and your hair is flawless. That’s reason enough for me!


Get More Photos


Don’t you want as many photos of your fairytale wedding as you can possibly get? Of course, being present during the day will help you make the most meaningful memories, but having the best wedding photos to thumb through together in 50 years will be pretty great too.


Spend More Time with Your Guests


Since you’ll have gotten most of the photos done before the ceremony, you’ll only need to take family and wedding party photos afterward, which means that you’ll have more time to party with your guests. That’s what this day is truly about—celebrating your love and each other with the most important people in your lives.

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