Capturing the Authenticity of Toddlers in Family Portraits: Tips from a Professional Photographer


Mar 3, 2023

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As a Wisconsin family and newborn photographer, I often hear concerns from parents about whether their children, especially toddlers, will “behave” during a photo shoot. I completely understand this worry. A family photo shoot is an investment of both time and money, and parents want everything to go smoothly and be perfect.

But here’s what I’ve learned after 24 years of experience: there is no such thing as perfect, and being perfect is overrated anyway. As a portrait photographer, my goal is to capture the real and authentic moments of life. And that’s where toddlers really shine.

What I love about photographing toddlers is that they only exist in “the real”. They haven’t learned how to pose or put on a fake smile yet. Every photo I take of a toddler is a glimpse into their true selves, which is always beautiful and unique.

So what happens if your toddler is feeling shy or uncooperative during the photo shoot? First, I always make sure your child feels comfortable in the studio. I give them time to warm up and play for a few minutes before moving into pictures. If they’re still unsure, I’ll have mom or dad sit with them and play games or sing songs to make it fun.

I know and understand children well. Before becoming a photographer, I worked in a daycare, am a Foster parent, and have two littles of my own. So, when you come in for your family photos, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

In conclusion, there’s no such thing as a perfect family photo shoot, but that’s okay because the real moments of life are what make the best memories. And when it comes to working with toddlers, their authenticity and unpredictability make for some of the most beautiful and memorable photos. So, don’t worry about your child “behaving” during the photo shoot – I’ll make sure they have fun and feel comfortable, and we’ll capture some amazing memories together.

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