How to Create the Engagement Photos of Your Dreams and Have the Best Time Ever During Your Session

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Jul 22, 2019

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I love taking engagement photos! Seriously, it’s one of my favorite things to do. Over the years, I’ve noticed that when my clients have the best time and therefore I’m able to capture some of my favorite photos, they’re doing some of the same things. Read on to find out what they are and how you can create the most magical engagement photos! 



Play Dress Up

Photoshoots give you the excuse to go all out. Take a moment and reflect. Is there an outfit you’ve been dreaming of? Have you had your eyes on a couture gown? Your engagement session is not only an announcement of your love—it’s also a visual representation of it. Make it count! Check out Style Lend or Rent the Runway—both offer luxurious designer options that won’t break the bank. 




Wear Neutral Colors

Neutral colors make you and your beloved the central focus of the photos, while bright clothing choices command the viewer’s attention and pull it away. As a bonus, neutral colors will look beautiful in any location, and that means that you can still get great photos if you happen to go on a spontaneous adventure during your photoshoot—something I always love to do with my couples once we get their perfect shot!

Wear Something That Makes You Feel Beautiful 

My go-to when I want to feel beautiful yet be comfortable enough to take great photos is a flowy dress. Flowy dresses are feminine, and they also happen to create a romantic mood. What’s more dramatic than a gust of wind picking up your skirt and swirling it around you during a passionate kiss? Not much, I’d say! 

If dresses aren’t your jam, go for an outfit that makes you feel like your best self. Pick clothes that highlight what you love most about yourself and downplay what you’re not so crazy about. After all, this is about you, and if you feel like you, you’ll take better photos.

Get Your Hair, Nails, and Makeup Done

Treat yourself! Having your hair, nails, and makeup done will make photo day so much more fun, and will give you the best results. Plus, you won’t have to worry about getting ready. 

Nails can be done the day before, or a few days before if you’re getting a gel manicure, but makeup and hair will need to be done the day of. Schedule your session about two hours before you need to leave so that you still look daisy fresh when you start shooting. 

When you see how much makeup is on your face, don’t panic! Makeup artists know how to apply makeup so that it looks perfect in photos, which will probably be more makeup than you’re used to. Be sure to say yes to lashes, unless you’re one of those rare beauties with naturally long ones or already have extensions. Trust your team to work their magic and enjoy getting the red carpet treatment.  

Skip the Spray Tan

The first rule of engagement photos is to never use spray tan! Even the most high-end spray tans look orange in photos, and who wants that?

Believe me when I say that your skin is beautiful the way it is. If you want to make it look extra amazing, opt for the spa instead of the bottle, and book a wrap or scrub.

Pro Tip: Bring Props! 

Engagement photos provide the perfect opportunity for you and your man to show off your personalities. Want to plan a romantic picnic in the park? Is a romp on an old school bike in order? Is he hitchhiking until you pick him up in a classic car? Think about what you like to do together, then spend some time gathering props that will make your engagement photo session fun and memorable. Do you have a favorite coffee shop in Chicago? Let’s take engagement photos at a Chicago coffee shop! Or do you spend a lot of time at the Madison Farmers Market? Let’s take photos of you two doing something you love! The sky is the limit.  I’m willing to help you come up with some ideas too to make your engagement session more personal! 

I hope these tips help you create remarkable engagement photos that you love. What are you planning to do for your engagement photo session? Comment below—I’d love to hear about your plans!  Or send me an email at .


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