Why hire a travel wedding photographer?

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Aug 20, 2019

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Planning a wedding is hard enough as-is — but planning a wedding that’s hundreds (or thousands) of miles away from home adds a whole extra layer of stress. One of the easiest ways to lessen your stress is by hiring a travel/destination wedding photographer. Destination photographers are used to capturing beautiful moments in unfamiliar surroundings and help guide you through the ceremony and reception in a way that transforms tourism into a love story.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Destination Wedding Photographer

1. It costs less than you think.

When couples hear “destination wedding photography,” there tends to be a bit of heartburn. And I totally get that. But actually, hiring a travel photographer is well worth the money. The level of service, comfort and skill found in destination photographers is hard to match, meaning both better photos and a better photography experience. During the most important day of your life, you want as little things on your plate as possible — and hiring a photographer you know will do a great job is one less thing to worry about.

2. Travel wedding photographers are used to remote meetings, making the hiring process simple.

Travel photographers are hired from all around the world. As a result, they tend to focus on making themselves as accessible as possible. This means more intuitive websites, a quick email response time, and remote meetings that are actually effective.

3. You won’t be limited by a roster of local photographers.

Some destination wedding venues recommend a list of local photographers. Unfortunately, it’s pretty rare to find the perfect photographer for your wedding on these lists; they’re just too vague. Some couples are heartbroken when they invest in a destination wedding, their photographs turn out less-than-ideal. When you hire a destination photographer, you get to be picky (which is your right!), so that, heading into the big day, you know your photos will turn out in the exact style you’re looking for

4. Your photographer will get to know you better — resulting in better photos.

By nature, you and your photographer will be together a lot. A lot. As you travel and spend time together, you and your photographer are given the chance to develop a personal relationship. The photographer will get a better sense of your relationship (my favorite part!), and you’ll get to know your photographer’s communication and photography styles. A close relationship with your photographer results in photos that are more genuine, more catered to your unique relationship, and ultimately give the exact keepsake you were looking for.

5. Travel wedding photographers need to be adaptable, making them invaluable on your big day.

Weddings are stressful, and there’s no getting around it. On the day-of, you should be able to take a deep breath, and enjoy yourself — not worry about the little stuff. Destination wedding photographers are adaptable and quick on their feet (you have to be, when you travel as much as they do), meaning you can enjoy your ceremony and reception without worrying much about them. If they have questions, they’ll ask; but for the most part, travel wedding photographers are often one of the most reliable photographers available.

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