What does a wedding photographer do?


Oct 14, 2019

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A wedding photographer does more than just take pictures; we create lasting moments. When push comes to shove, photos are one of the most tangible keepsakes from your wedding day, and it’s your wedding photographer’s job to make sure they’re up to the challenge. That means catching candid moments, relieving your stress, and translating your happiness into images that are both flattering and true to your relationship’s personality.

What does wedding photography include?

For me, wedding photography is a highly personalized experience; they can’t (and shouldn’t) be captured the same, cookie-cutter way. I believe in staying flexible, and providing a photography service as unique as your wedding. That being said, there are things most of my sessions have in common:

1. A luxury experience.

There’s nothing like getting your photos back after your wedding. Having them taken should be wonderful, too. All of my clients receive the same level of care and quality, with an emphasis on leaving you with beautiful, luxurious memories.

2. Stress-free photography.

Getting married is stressful — trust me, I know. As a wedding photographer, I’m not there to add to it. I’m there to guide you through it. That means listening (really listening) to what you want, need, and expect, and delivering on it.

3. Crystal-clear communication.

I’m a go-with-the-flow person, and my ideal bride is, too. But when it comes to wedding photography, I know the importance of organization. My dialogue with clients stretches well before the photography session, letting us figure out the when, where, plan, and pricing in a way that leaves you feeling assured and confident.

4. Digital rights.

This should go without saying, but your wedding photos should be yours — no one else’s.

5. Photos that show you.

When I photograph my clients, I endeavor toward highly-personalized photos capturing every reason you love each other — from silly moments to emotional intimacy. No awkward poses, no forced smiles; just people who love each other.


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